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Virtual phone number

A virtual phone number, or DID, is a local telephone number that is bound to a specific location. A local number in a country and region of your choice. The benefits of a virtual number are that the area code comes from a specific geographic area. As in the Netherlands, for example, 020 is the area code of Amsterdam, and 010 is the prefix of Rotterdam. This way you give your customers the experience to call locally, while you are not located in that country. Virtual numbers give your organization an international appearance. Ideal for entrepreneurs with cross-border ambitions!

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Who is a virtual phone number of interest to?

A virtual phone number is interesting for companies that are also active abroad and want to appear locally here. A virtual number from the neighboring country can also be interesting for border companies. For example, customers with a foreign number do not pay international calling charges.

Enjoy the many features

Just like your national phone number, you can fully customize your virtual phone number. This way you can easily set up a menu. This ensures that all callers are forwarded to the correct department. But you can also direct callers to the German number to a German-speaking employee.

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Virtual number DID

Call forwarding

With Message To The Moon, your virtual number is by default forwarded to your current phone number. It doesn’t matter if this phone number is connected to a landline phone or a cordless phone. This way you can make sure your virtual number is forwarded to the phone number where you can be reached the most.

VoIP Trunk

You can also choose to link your virtual number to VoIP Trunk (SIP Trunk) lines. These are software-based phone lines and are located in the Cloud. There are many advantages to linking your virtual number to VoIP Trunk lines. For example, your calls will come directly into your telephone system.

Customer Contact Software

Customer contact software is ideal for call centers. With this call application (app) you have more insight into reporting, performance, accessibility, interaction and management. This way you can analyze your calls even better and get everything out of your call center.


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How it works

Message To The Moon searches with you for the number that best suits you and your company and makes sure it is available in the countries you want. This is done through an intake form where you indicate in which country you want to be reachable. If you already have an available number in mind, we will activate it for you and set up your telephone system together with you.

Calling out & Call Termination

Receiving incoming calls on an international phone number (DID) is not a problem. Often it is also possible to send the A number (sender number) with an outgoing call. This means that you send the number with the call and the person you are calling sees your international phone number in the phone display.

Message To The Moon provides local numbers in many different countries. Frequently dialed numbers are:

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Advantages of a virtual phone number

Local Appearance

With a Virtual Number you can provide a local appearance without having to have an office in that country. This is because the number is linked to a particular region or country.

Creates a familiar feeling

With a virtual number, you create a familiar feeling with the caller. You give the caller the impression that your company is located in his or her country. The number is recognized and therefore creates a feeling of trust.

Why choose for Message To The Moon?


Virtual numbers may be utilized in conjunction with our powerful cloud-based phone system, which includes complete PBX capabilities including voice menus, call recording, voice mail, call center, and conferencing. Virtual Numbers work with any SIP-based IP Phone, softphone, or our specialized mobile app.

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Order a virtual number in muliple countries

Europa A virtual number in 29 countries
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Netherlands Belgium Austria Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Norway Poland Portugal Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Belarus Russia Israel Turkey X
Regular price   €725 
Package price €325 Discount €400
Western Europe Virtual number in 17 countries
View all the countries
Netherlands Belgium Austria Denmark Finland France Germany Iceland Ireland Italy Luxembourg Norway Spain Portugal Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom X
Regular price   €425 
Package price €150 Discount €275
Benelux + Germany Virtual number in 4 countries
View all the countries
The Netherlands Belgium Germany Luxembourg X
Regular price   €100 
Package price €50 Benefit €50
Southern-Europe Virtual number in 7 countries
View all the countries
Cyprus Spain Italy Malta Portugal Greece Croatia X
Regular price   €175 
Package price €100 Benefit €75
Americas Virtual number in 11 countries
View all the countries
United States Canada Mexico Brazil Bolivia Chile Colombia Dominican Republic El Salvador Panama Peru X
Regular price   €275 
Package price €150 Benefit €125
Asia Virtual number in 6 countries
View all the countries
China Japan Thailand Malaysia Hong Kong Singapore South-Korea X
Regular price   €250 
Package price €90 Benefit €160
Australia + New-Zealand Virtual number in 2 countries
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Australia New-Zealand X
Regular price   €50 
Package price €25 Benefit €25

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