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Do you want to focus on the Spanish market? Then it is important to know what the market and culture look like in Spain in order to avoid misunderstandings. We like to make it easier for you and that’s why we’ve created a page with all the information you need to better understand the country. With a local number you can achieve more success abroad. The population immediately recognizes a local number and is more likely to call the local number. Are you looking for a number from another country? Then visit our country page.

Culture-language differences.

Why Spain? Spain is not only a beautiful country that attracts many tourists every year. At the same time, it has a large sales area. Spain has more than 47.3 million inhabitants. In short, this is a market where there is a lot to be gained. Another great advantage of doing business in Spain is that once things go well, the transition to Latin America is not very big. The same language is spoken there and Latin America has an even larger sales area, namely 418(!) million.

The Netherlands and Spain are fairly close to each other, but the countries differ considerably. It is therefore important to know what the culture is and what the differences are.


It is well known that the Spaniards like to take a break in the afternoon. The well-known ”siesta” still happens today in Spain. The phenomenon is decreasing in the larger cities, but if you want to reach customers in the afternoon, don’t be surprised if you don’t get an answer. This is a big difference between the Netherlands and Spain.


A Spaniard likes to take it easy. It doesn’t matter if they are cooking or just going for a walk, everything happens at a leisurely pace. They therefore have the attitude: If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow. This is therefore a clear difference with the Dutch. They want everything to be precisely and strictly regulated. Don’t be surprised if Spaniards arrive at the appointment 10-15 minutes later.


The Spanish culture is super welcoming. Everyone knows the saying ”Mi casa su casa”. It means my house is your house. You are always welcome with the Spaniards and they want to give you that feeling. They are often up for a chat and are very sociable. The Dutch are often more focused on themselves and those cultural differences can clash with each other.

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Kinds of Telephone Numbers in Spain


Spain has a number of different service numbers. The country code for Spain is +34 and the country uses local numbers. Message To The Moon offers several songs. You can choose which number is best for your company. If you have a number from Spain and a website, you don’t need to be physically present in the country to integrate into the market. You also save costs, such as investments in business premises, resources such as equipment, registrations, etc. The Spanish telephone numbers of Message To The Moon forward to any desired number, anywhere in the world. So you can just be in the Netherlands and pick up the phone there when a customer calls your Spanish number. Do you want to generate more turnover through the number? Or do you want to show that you are there for the customer with a Freephone number? This choice is completely up to you and our specialists are especially ready to help you with this choice.


The service numbers starting with the area code 900 are for the account of the recipient. It therefore costs the caller nothing to call this number. This Freephone phone number is not tied to a particular city or region. Because it’s free for the caller, customers like to pick up the phone to call you. A Freephone number is great for organizations where something is sold based on the call. Think for example of requests for quotations, donations or reservations. The services allowed in Spain are: Business services, customer service and entertainment. These services may use a 900 number. The games of chance and dialer services, on the other hand, are prohibited in Spain and therefore cannot use the freephone number. Also, the law of Spain states that electricity and gas companies are required by law to have a toll-free customer service phone number.

Shared Cost

With 902 numbers, the costs are divided. With this service number, the recipient and the caller jointly bear the costs. Cost of a 902 number is €0.12 per minute. This option is the cheapest for paid numbers. The costs are shared and so the price is lower. Government agencies often use this type of number. The services allowed for this number are business services and customer service. The dialer, games of chance and entertainment services are prohibited and are therefore not allowed to use this number.

Premium Rate

If you want to make money on phone calls then the premium rate numbers are for you. With a premium rate number, the costs are entirely for the caller. Spain has many different types of premium rate numbers. Spain has a number of different numbers and has a separate number for each service. The numbers are:

  • 0803 (Adult)
  • 0806 (Entertainment)
  • 0807 (Business)
  • 0905 (Voting)

There are different types of rates, namely costs per minute and costs per call. The costs can vary from €0.41 to €1.21 and €1.42 per call. Premium Rate numbers are usually used for calls that do not lead to sales. For example, you can think of support services or information numbers. The Premium Rate number gives you a professional look. Above all, this number shows that you are not linked to a region, but operate on a national level. The customer service, games of chance and dialer services are prohibited and are therefore not allowed to use this number.


With a geographic number you tie your brand to a specific city or region. For example, it is possible to take a telephone number in the area code area of, for example, Madrid, Barcelona or Seville. This ensures that the local population has more confidence and thus clearly shows which market you want to reach. This option is intended for companies that want to indicate that they will be physically present in the country. But it is also very useful for shops that have several visiting addresses.

Options at Message To The Moon


You have plenty of options with us. No matter which Spanish number you have, you can benefit from all the extras. There are no additional charges. There are many benefits to our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform. We’ve highlighted a few benefits for you.

  • Queue Is the line busy and no employees ready to answer the phone? No problem. Each number has a queue where all entrants are placed in order of entry. You can determine the music that is played. A voice message can even be recorded that you can play while waiting.
  • Selection menu This is essential if you have a company with several departments. The selection menu enables the caller to connect to the correct department. Does the customer have a question about your products? Then the customer is transferred to the right department or person.
  • Digital answering machine If it is too busy for the employees and the customer is waiting for a long time. Then you can leave a message that will be played. This gives the customer the feeling that the customer is not forgotten and that action is taken despite the waiting time. This feature is also useful if a customer calls after hours.
  • Call statistics Do you want to have an overview of when most customers call? Or how long is the call? Then this function can certainly not be forgotten. With the call statistics you have an overview of all calls

These are a number of advantages of our online telephone exchange. You have full control over your online telephone exchange. We give you the freedom to give your callers the best experience.

Why Message To The Moon?

We have passion for our profession. At Message To The Moon there is plenty of choice between different Spanish songs. Do you want to show that you are active in the Spanish market? Then a Spanish number is very important. At Message To The Moon you can choose from different types of service numbers. You can choose between the different number types that best suit your company. Every day we are working hard to ensure that everyone can do business undisturbed. Fast delivery is paramount and if a number is in stock, you can be reached on that number the same day.

Is the number out of stock? No problem. We can deliver this number within five days. You don’t have to be unreachable during those five days, because we provide a temporary number. So that you can be reached at all times. Don’t have a landline phone? We can offer you a fixed telephone from YeaLink or a cordless telephone (DECT) from Gigaset for only €5 per month. Feel free to email or call us and we will ensure that a specialist is ready to help you. That is the service of Message To The Moon.

Are you looking for an InGeo number in another country?  Then visit our InGeo page.

Spanish numbers

You can choose from different numbers from Spain. There are different rates for the numbers. If the number is in stock, you can be reached within 1 day.

If the number you want is not in stock, you can request the number and you can be reached at the number within 5 days. You can write down the number you would like on the order form and we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities. .

Kinds of Numbers Costs per Month
Local €25,00
Shared Cost €25,00
Premium Rate €45,00
Freephone €45,00


Spain Local Numbers
Spain Shared Cost
Spain Freephone
Spain Premium Rate

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