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Automatically send SMS messages to your customers

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Automatically send SMS messages to your customers

Do you want to reach your customers quickly and easily? With our SMS service it is possible to automatically send a large number of SMS messages from your computer. Send messages as part of your marketing strategy, use an SMS code for extra security or send personalized appointment reminders. At the touch of a button! Create a free account in our SMS portal and try it out for free!

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SMS service options

SMS via portal

Create SMS messages and send them via our portal. In this way you can send personalized text messages to recipients, for example as an appointment reminder . It is also possible to reach a large group of recipients in one go via a bulk SMS or to send messages with a preset template .


Send SMS messages from your own website or CRM package. This can be part of your marketing strategy , for example . It is also possible to send passwords securely in this way or to use two factor authentication . In addition, easily receive SMS messages via the SMS API and read them in your e-mail or on a web server of your choice.

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Send and receive SMS messages

With our SMS service you can automatically send and receive SMS messages via an SMS portal or your own website. This allows you to use an effective and professional marketing tool. An SMS is not hidden away in a spam box or among dozens of other e-mails, but always arrives on the telephone screen of the recipients. This makes a text message look more professional than a WhatsApp message, especially when it comes to things like invoices, appointment reminders and verifications.

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Call us on 088 8000 800 or leave your name and telephone number and we will call you back.

SMS service: what are the advantages?

Deploy SMS marketing

With our SMS service, automatically send SMS messages to your target group as part of your marketing strategy , for example to promote new offers. This way you can acquire customers and generate more sales.

Appointment Reminders

A visit to the dentist, an appointment with the hairdresser or a reminder for the annual MOT inspection at the garage. Our business SMS service is a handy tool for sending appointment reminders . This increases customer-friendliness and reduces the number of no shows .

Secure transfer of passwords and codes

Send SMS messages quickly and easily with a password, login code or verification code. Via our business SMS service you can safely send a one-time password by means of an automatic SMS. You can also use this SMS service for two factor authentication (2FA) , whereby a user receives an SMS code before logging in. This prevents unauthorized access and is professional.

Reaching many people at once

With the push of a button you can send a bulk SMS and thus reach and inform several people at the same time. For example, remind your employees monthly to fill in their worked hours.

Why Message To The Moon?

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We quickly and easily link our SMS API with your CRM system, website or database, so that you can use our SMS Gateway and send and receive messages the same day.

Implementation help

We are always ready to help you with the application of SMS marketing and the use of a tailor-made SMS solution.

Niet goed? Geld terug!

Try the Message To The Moon SMS service for free! You can choose to cancel the package free of charge within 30 days after the delivery of our SMS services. Are you curious about the possibilities and would you first like to speak with our implementation expert? Then Click here.

What our customers say

Gebruik gemaakt van de SMS service en ik heb de deskundigheid van Message To The Moon mogen ervaren.
Zag de SMS service voorbij komen. Ik heb het een keer geprobeerd en het beviel me uitstekend. Nu maak ik geregeld gebruik van de dienst.
Scherpe tarieven! Ik maak veelvuldig gebruik van post versturen. De tarieven spraken mij erg aan en heb daarom voor Message To The Moon gekozen.
Zeer goede service en contact via Rob en zijn team.
VST Europe B.V.


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SMS oplossing op maat?


Send SMS  subscription

The costs for this subscription are €10. This subscription includes 100 SMS messages. The possible options are:

  • Email to SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Select templates

SMS receive  subscription

The costs for this subscription are €10. With this subscription you will receive a Dutch virtual 06 number or keyword (short SMS number) available worldwide. Mobile numbers abroad for €10 extra. As possible options:

  • SMS by email
  • SMS via API

For more information, see the Manual about our SMS portal.

Prices per bundle:

SMS bundle  50: €0,10 cent per SMS
SMS bundle 100: €0,09 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 200: €0,085 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 500: €0,0825 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 1000: €0,0775 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 2000: €0,08 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 5000: €0,0775 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 10.000: €0,075 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 25.000: €0,0725 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 50.000: €0,07 cent per SMS
SMS bundel 100.000: €0,06 cent per SMS

To order

Create an SMS account in our portal

The most recent general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Message To The Moon BV. These can be found here  , and they will be sent to you upon first request.



Send SMS

Send an SMS via a portal ( You can put the following in it:

  • Type and send an SMS yourself
  • Send SMS messages with a preset template
  • Send SMS via email (an email to a text message)
  • Send a bulk SMS
  • Set the sender yourself

(2FA)  authentication

With one simple SMS API you can send a password, login or verification code quickly and securely via an SMS message to your customer.

To receive a text

Receive SMS messages via a delivered 06 number or SMS keyword (short SMS number) of your choice and receive the SMS by email (SMS 2 E-mail) or read it in the portal or receive it via an API (HTTP Post) on a web server of your choice.

SMS API / SMS gateway

The SMS API allows you to send an SMS from your own website via an API (eg REST API or HTTPS). Optionally you can receive SMS messages via a virtual 06 number or SMS keyword
(short SMS number), these are delivered via an API at the URL of your choice via http get/post. You can set the following points yourself:

  • Send single SMS from CRM system or website with API
  • Send bulk SMS via API
  • Set the sender yourself
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