Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Message To The Moon

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T. 088 8000 800
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Are you experiencing a fault on your Internet or telephone line? Naturally, we will do everything we can to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Of course, we are ready via our telephone number at 088 8000 800. You can also reach us via our billing portal at Here you can log in with your e-mail address and, if necessary, request a new password via the “forgot password” button.

Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Within the Fair Use Policy (FUP), the rules regarding the unlimited use of the subscription are framed. The FUP means that Message To The Moon reserves the right to monitor its customers’ traffic and filter out excesses. You can find our FUP at

This Fair Use Policy was created to prevent abuses. In order to ensure that we can offer favorable rates to everyone, we must prevent and eliminate excesses by others. This regulation is designed to protect our “Fair” customers.

The Fair Use Policy comes into effect the moment you as a customer consume from 15% above your unlimited amount. Message To The Moon evaluates your calling behavior at least twice a year and may adjust your subscription based on this evaluation. If we see reason to do so, we reserve the right to do so more often.

Should you exceed the limits of the Fair Use Policy, your subscription will not stop and you can continue to make calls as usual. However, we will charge you for the amount by which you exceeded the Fair Use Policy. We will also adjust your subscription type and therefore your fixed monthly amount. You will be informed about this.

In principle, the limits for the subscription and the Fair Use Policy are set in such a way that you stay within them in case of regular calling behavior. Does your situation change and do you think you will exceed the Fair Use Policy limits? Please contact us, we will adjust your subscription so you do not violate the Fair Use Policy rules.

All subscriptions that include unlimited calling have a Fair Use Policy.


With Telephony from Message To The Moon, you can save up to 40% on telephony costs. Message To The Moon offers an economical solution for landline call traffic and benefits such as:
– High savings on rates for local, regional, national, mobile and international traffic
– No subscription and activation costs
– Clear overview of your traffic costs
– No changes to your infrastructure
– Retention of current services on your telephone line(s)
– All your branches on one invoice
– Save on fax traffic

Internet and calling over one line with Hosted VoIP from Message To The Moon. Your telephone exchange is always included in your own management with your personal login.

Do you have a large enterprise or special needs for Hosted VoIP in your organization?
– You pay per workstation
– Ideal for multiple offices
– VoIP calling abroad

Service numbers

An 0800 number is free for the caller and therefore serves perfectly as a help or service desk. With a 0800 number you create a professional, national and accessible image for your company.
– A free service number for the caller
– Rural and professional image
– Low threshold
– Perfect for an information line or helpdesk

You can make good use of an 0900 number for commercial purposes such as contests, as well as helplines and services. With an 0900 number, the caller pays for the costs and so you can generate additional revenue.
– Caller pays for call costs
– Increases your turnover immediately
– Professional appearance
– Very suitable for commercial purposes

– 0900 for information (helpdesk, service, sales, marketing)
– 0906 for erotainment (offering erotic services)
– 0909 for entertainment (numbers for contests, games, chat boxes, etc)

The revenue depends on the rate you associate with the 0900 number.

A rate change takes an average of 10 business days.

A 0800 number is free for the caller. With a 0900 number, the caller pays a rate, which can range from “local rate” to €0.80 per minute. In other words, with a 0800 number, the number user ( the operator of the number) pays the cost of having customers call him. In the case of a 0900 number, the caller pays for the fact that he calls the company.

A 088 number is also sometimes called a 088 business number or 088 number range. You can request a 088 number in the form of a ‘number block’: a series of 100, 1000 or 10,000 telephone numbers. You can choose which number you want to activate. A 088 number is often used for companies with, for example, several branches. Thus, each branch office can have an almost identical number where only the last digits change.

Advantages of a 088 number:
– One continuous redial sequence for different branches or departments.
– Rural and professional appearance
– Employees or branches can easily be moved with number portability
– Callers pay a low, long distance rate
– Employees can be reached by both fixed and mobile phone under one number

With a 088 number, also called a business number, you get a contiguous series of phone numbers, where the caller pays a low, long distance rate: Ideal if your organization consists of several departments or branches. This allows you to roll out a new numbering plan with a number block that has a national look and feel.

You get a contiguous set of phone numbers depending on the size of your business 10, 100, 1000 or even 10,000 numbers, this works to lower barriers and promote customer contact.

You can only request one number range per company.

With an international toll free number you can be reached from anywhere in the world. Because it can be difficult to determine which international number suits you best, we are happy to help you make the right choice.

For a 0800 number, it is free for the caller. For a 0900 number, it is ranging between 1 cent and 80 cents per minute, with a maximum of 50 minutes. With the exception for a customer service it may not exceed 15 cents per minute.

To prevent everyone from choosing a short number, the ACM did impose some conditions on this. One of the requirements is a minimum of 4,000 call minutes or 2,500 call attempts per month, regardless of whether an attempt leads to a call.

It is not possible by default to call 0800 or 0900 number from abroad. Many foreign providers block this. On request Message To The Moon opens this up. 088 numbers you can just call with 31 before.

This can be done within a day, you can also do it yourself using a routing manager.

Other services

Message To The Moon offers “online fax.” Receive and send faxes with, Fax-2-mail and Mail-2-fax.

You pay only a few cents per fax sent, regardless of the number of pages. The maximum number of pages is 10.

No, you can only receive pdf files.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an application that helps you get your customers out to the right place within your business. This can be done through a simple choice menu to very elaborate. Each application is customized, completely to your needs. With queues, choice menus, whisper mode or even XML communication to your database.

There are numerous options for setting up your service numbers with Message To The Moon’s IVR services . We offer various packages from basic to comprehensive, with services such as pre-announcement text, opening time table, call recording and voice recognition.

You tell us which zip code areas should end up on which phone number and we take care of the rest for you – it couldn’t be easier.

This is to link your phone traffic to e.g. your CRM system. Or to add the call details like duration, called number etc. to your database.

Hosted VoIP is the replacement for your telephone system. You do not need a telephone infrastructure (KPN lines or the like) at your location, everything is delivered to you via a data (IP) line. A SIP Trunk is merely the possibility to connect to the telephone network via your existing Internet connection, using the SIP-enabled telephone exchange at your location. So for a SIP Trunk, you need a quality Internet connection and a suitable PBX.

Een SIP Trunk is te vergelijken met een ‘gewone’ telefoonlijn. Het verschil is dat inkomende en uitgaande gesprekken niet via een telefoonlijn lopen, maar via het datanetwerk (internetverbinding). Spraak en data gaan dus over één netwerk, in plaats van over twee gescheiden netwerken. Een SIP Trunk is louter de mogelijkheid om via uw bestaande internetverbinding, en met behulp van de voor SIP geschikte telefooncentrale op uw locatie, verbinding te maken met het telefoonnetwerk. Voor een SIP Trunk heeft u dus een kwalitatieve internetverbinding nodig en een geschikte telefooncentrale.

Through it is possible to easily design programs for your IVR voice computer. This allows you to set up and change your numbers. You will follow a number of screens where you can easily add functionalities via drag and drop. All help can be found here in the IVR manual.

The hardware delivered by Message To The Moon must be returned after the termination of the agreement as named in Article 11 of the general terms and conditions, such as delivered modem, devices and other equipment to be sent back as it has been on loan during the period Message To The Moon has provided services. For this hardware we charge € 500. After receiving and checking the condition of the received hardware we will credit these costs.

You can send this hardware to the address below:
Message To The Moon B.V.
Kingsfordweg 151
1043 GR Amsterdam

The terms and conditions can be found on


Message To The Moon uses two types of invoices, the Collection Invoice and the Specification Invoice. The Summary Invoice is a payment invoice. This includes your subscription costs and usage. You will receive this once a quarter or once a year. Depending on your choice. The Specification Invoice you will receive monthly. This is nothing more than an overview of your usage from the past month. You do not have to pay this one.

At Message to the Moon, we bill quarterly. This means that you pay your subscription fee plus a 10% traffic charge every 3 months. In accordance with article 8.2. of the general conditions you pay an advance of your expected costs. Based on your usage in this period a settlement will take place on your next advance invoice. The complete terms and conditions can be found at

Of course, you do receive a monthly breakdown invoice. You can find this invoice in the invoice portal at Here you can log in with your e-mail address and your password. If necessary, you can request a new password by pressing the “forgot password” button.

Your invoice consists of several pages. The first page lists the payment dates. On the remaining pages you will find specifications of these amounts.
The first page of your collective invoice
Here you will find an overview of your and our data. As well as the invoice date, invoice number and others. You will also find an overview of the invoice amount. This overview consists of subscription costs, usage costs and any other costs. You will find a specification of these costs on the following page(s).
Specification pages
Per the next page, you will find a breakdown of the invoice line. This specification provides insight into how the lines on your collective invoice are structured. You can see to which service the invoice line relates, how the price was established and for which period the billing applies. The specifications for telephone numbers also show the call duration, the number of calls and the costs of these calls per telephone number.

You can find all your invoices in your personal portal. You can reach it via If you have lost your login information, you can request new ones via the login box.

If you pay on time, we think it’s fair to thank you for it. That is why we give you a discount if you pay your invoice on time. Also if you have direct debit and it can be debited on time, you will receive a discount.

If you choose not to issue a direct debit, we will charge a fee of €1.25 per transaction. This fee is charged to cover the additional costs we incur.

You can do this by logging into your personal portal. Here you can request a direct debit and easily save money, time and effort.

You can do this by submitting a red card to your bank. Please note that this will cause you to pay an additional €1.25 per invoice.

If you still have questions about your billing, you can ask them by contacting us by phone at 088 8000 800 or at We will always do our best to serve you as soon as possible!

You may discontinue your services with Message To The Moon at any time subject to your contract and notice period. If you choose to discontinue your services with Message To The Moon , please note that the cancellation must meet the following requirements:

– The cancellation must be made on letterhead
– The termination must be signed by the authorized signatory of the Chamber of Commerce.
– The notice must be received by mail, fax or as an attachment in the mail
– At the time of cancellation there should be a maximum of 1 outstanding invoice

If the above conditions are not met, unfortunately the cancellation cannot be processed.

Minimumspend is the committed traffic volume expressed in euros. Therefore, with a Minimumspend of €100, we assume a minimum traffic cost of €100. This agreement is recorded in the contract where we offer you a rate based on the Minimum Spend amount.

Why is Minimumspend used?

Based on expected traffic volume, we can offer you a more competitive traffic rate if you have a larger volume. This is because it allows us to purchase competitively from our suppliers based on expected traffic volume.

How is the Minimum Spend determined?

Minimum spends are set at the start of the contract based on volume expectations for the number.

Why do I get billed for the Minimum Spend?

If the expected volume is not met, we cannot maintain the agreed competitive rates. In this case, we will bill you for the difference between the Minimum Spend and the actual traffic volume. You will find this on your regular invoice.

What if I have much less or more traffic on my number?

You may find that over time there is much less or more traffic on the number. In that case, contact your account manager to see if the rates still fit your situation.

Our standard rates can be found at

In accordance with Article 7.7. of our terms and conditions, Message To The Moon charges a standard €25 fee when a direct debit is reversed. We charge this fee to cover our administrative costs.

A final bill is created when a customer wishes to leave during the term of her contract.

In accordance with Article 7.5. of the General Terms and Conditions, the final bill will make the total amount of charges, invoices and the remaining months of the contract period immediately due and payable. In addition, administrative costs of €79 will be charged to the customer for handling the cancellation/termination of services and/or preparation of the final invoice.

A complete overview of our terms and conditions can be found at

You can upload a receipt through our invoice portal at You can easily log in here with your e-mail address and request a new password if necessary by pressing the “forgot password” button.

Through the portal, you can easily upload a receipt. To do this, select the “Tickets” option and then the “create ticket” option. You will now enter a new screen. Here you choose the option “Question about my invoice/financial data. Choose the appropriate contact person and click on “next”. Under “Type of question” Then choose “Submit receipt”.

On the next screen you can select which invoice it is for. To track your payment as soon as possible, please send the following information with it:

  • The account number you used to make the payment.
  • The account number to which you transferred the payment.
  • Under which statement you made the payment.


The end date of your contract is set equal to the end of your billing period. This way, settlements are avoided when you decide to switch to another provider with your services. This saves both you and us various administrative operations and saves us costs.

In article 11 of our terms and conditions you will find an overview of the conditions regarding the term of your contract. The complete terms and conditions can be found at

To guarantee our competitive rates Message To The Moon works with payment by direct debit. For this reason direct debit via B2B (Business to Business) direct debit is mandatory according to article 8.3 of the general conditions; The customer is obliged to pay via SEPA B2B (Business2Business) direct debit unless agreed otherwise in writing. Our full terms and conditions can be found at

Real service

With us, you as a customer are our focus!
Thinking along with our customers, guiding them with customized advice and offering high-quality technical support is a matter of course for us. We take you through our clear registration process and ensure a flawless connection of your services. We also guarantee 99.9% network availability over its delivered services.

We have a team of specialized account managers ready to help you with all your questions. You can contact them directly at 088-8000800

Then the question: how can you become a customer? On this page, there are three ways.

  1. Call us
  2. Ask us to call you
  3. Fill out the application form and we will call you back

Once on the phone, we take you through the entire process and get you off to a great start as a new client of Message To The Moon.

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