22 April 2022

Different way of using text messages for your business

22 April 2022

Different way of using text messages for your business

SMS is referred to as Short Message Service and is also commonly known as texting. This service allows you to send text-based messages only up to a limited number of characters from one mobile to another. Businesses employ SMS messages for various promotional or notification updates in different ways as discussed below.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the most popular and convenient way of using text messages that allow businesses to communicate with their customers and keep them notified about their ongoing or upcoming sales, special offers, new volume or product launch, and feedback request. SMS marketing solution is the best approach for businesses to increase their revenue and attract customers at the right time.

Customer Service Communication

This SMS service is used to have a two-way SMS dialogue with customers. This is a more direct and quick way of communicating with your customers rather than replying back and forth to emails. This text message is used to make new account registrations send security PIN codes, and feedback requests, confirm refunds, resolve technical issues, etc.

Order and delivery messages

This SMS service is a perfect solution for e-commerce businesses that require sending out confirmation updates of order reception and delivery. It provides assurance to customers by notifying them timely about their order confirmation, delivery, or any other query they might have. It should be known that the open rate of a message is much higher than an email which can sometimes arrive in “Spam” as well, thus, completely eliminating the chance of getting seen.

Reminder for appointments

Reminders for a job interview, salon appointment, and clinic appointment are crucial for customers who have a very busy schedule and forget to appear for appointments due to their daily chores. This SMS service sends reminders to customers a few days before their appointment day to avoid cancellations.

Emergency alerts

This SMS service allows people to get an emergency alert regarding any unexpected event such as a road accident, power outage in an office building during rainfall, earthquake disaster, or any other situation. This informs people timely about any emergency as its transmission takes no time and can deliver time-sensitive data urgently.

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