23 March 2022

10 reasons why your company needs an Universal International Freephone number

23 March 2022

10 reasons why your company needs an Universal International Freephone number

Expansion internationally is frequently the next step for developing firms. However, it may be a terrifying procedure, similar to walking into the Wild West. There’s a lot to consider. Not to mention locating the best telecommunications solution.

That is why forward-thinking firms should have a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN). This is a single international number that may be used in several countries worldwide. Rather than having separate phone numbers for each country, businesses may utilize the same phone number for all national and international marketing activities.

Here are the top ten advantages of utilizing a UIFN:

UIFNs may be called from over 65 countries worldwide. Businesses simply select which countries they want their number activated in, lowering trade obstacles, and you can have bundles of numerous UIFN numbers spanning multiple timezones. Customers may call a UIFN from anywhere, and the number will always be the same. Furthermore, because calls may be redirected to any landline or mobile phone, businesses can respond to inquiries no matter where they are. This enhances global involvement while also assisting clients.

UIFNs provide organizations with a genuinely worldwide presence without the need for them to have offices in other countries. Furthermore, any size organization may profit. Large global corporations will appreciate the convenience of having a single number, although UIFNs might make tiny enterprises appear larger and more established.

UIFNs help companies stand out from the crowd, especially because they may choose a number that is readily remembered. A renowned and distinctive international phone number may be a valuable marketing tool. In fact, it may become a crucial distinction.

The ability to utilize a single number in many countries greatly benefits organizations. A car dealer, for example, can generate a UIFN to use as its worldwide support number. This number is then used consistently in manuals, brochures, advertising, and all other forms of promotion across the world. This saves money on printing and production, as well as space on the packaging, letterheads, business cards, and other goods. ‍

In each nation, calls to UIFNs are routed differently. Customers can use this feature to route calls to a local, national, or international destination. Purchasing UIFNs on-demand from an automated webshop such as SpeakIntelligence saves time and increases efficiency.

‍Advanced functions
UIFNs may be configured to efficiently handle calls from several countries. Furthermore, calls can be answered in a variety of languages. Callers from France, for example, will receive queue information and IVR in French. Furthermore, these lines offer other useful features such as call screening and conference calling.

UIFNs have the potential to boost customer confidence. This is due to the fact that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) controls UIFNs so that clients know they are contacting a legal business and will not be charged for calls. The UIFN 00800 prefix is known for its trustworthiness and security all across the world.

Customer service has improved
Because UIFNs assist organizations in centralizing operations and simplifying administration processes, firms may provide first-rate customer support that is uniform around the globe. Customers that travel frequently just need to know one single number.

A single worldwide Freephone number allows businesses to move swiftly. Because there is no need to coordinate with national operators, enterprises may adapt to global trends and capitalize on possibilities more swiftly.


Although there is a one-time setup price and a monthly membership fee to utilize UIFNs, they can help firms save money. Companies will not be required to purchase telecommunications solutions in particular nations, nor will they be required to modify their corporate literature when expanding into new areas. The number of nations where UIFNs are accessible is steadily expanding. As a result, they are becoming an increasingly appealing prospect for both established and ambitious firms.

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