How to send a fax online without a fax machine?

There was a time when each office used to have a fax machine as a mandatory asset. Companies and businesses needed to have a separate fax line to send their documents from one place to another. But, the advent of the Internet has enabled offices to send a fax online without a faxing machine. How is that possible? Let us dive into more details.

One of the greatest facilities of modern technology includes email application that has made the personal and professional life of each individual easier than ever. Email allows businesses to communicate with each other in no time. They can send faxes online via email and stay connected all day. Email application has not only increased business productivity but also relieved the employees from the trouble of sticking to a fax machine to send documents. No matter where they are, they can send faxes via email applications installed on their mobile phones. Moreover, the online document transmission and reception have also eliminated the need of carrying a bundle of files along to send faxes as done in the old days. But, still, if you do not have the file in digital form, you can easily scan it with your mobile device and email it.

Sending a fax via email is an absolutely secure method to protect your confidential documents from unauthorized users. Faxing through a fax machine was not only a lengthy process of making the right coordination with the fax receiver but also it was insecure as anyone, who was eavesdropping over the phone line, could easily intercept the faxed documents. With an email application, not only your documents are perfectly encrypted but also they are transmitted in seconds across the globe.

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