28 May 2020

Reach your target group quickly and efficiently with an SMS

28 May 2020

Reach your target group quickly and efficiently with an SMS

The possibilities of our SMS service

The SMS (or “short message service”). Everyone has sent one at some point. Originally designed as part of the mobile phone, SMS is now available for many types of mobile networks.

As explained in the previous blog about our SMS services, SMS is a valuable marketing tool for companies. Within a company, the SMS can be used both internally (for example to send your employees the latest schedule) and externally to approach existing or potential customers. Using an SMS portal or SMS API makes this approach a lot easier. reach your target group in this way with a personalized SMS!

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Easily reach your target group with an SMS API

Bereik uw klanten met onze SMS mogelijkheden

Are you convinced of the power of SMS? Then an SMS API may be a good integration for your company. With the SMS API it is possible to send SMS messages from your own website. Actually, this API is nothing more than a piece of code that allows your platform to “talk” to the platform that sends the SMS messages. In this way it is possible to easily send large numbers of SMS messages with data that is personal to the recipient. Send information such as login details securely in this way, or use the SMS to  use two-factor authentication .

This is an ideal way to quickly and easily reach your target group. Optionally, you can also receive SMS messages via a virtual 06 number or an SMS keyword (this is a short SMS number). These received SMS messages are delivered to a web server of your choice or you receive them by email (SMS 2 E-mail).

With our SMS API you can set the following points yourself:

  • Sending SMS messages from your own CRM system or website using our API.
  • Send SMS messages in bulk.
  • You determine and set the sender yourself.

SMS Portal

You can also choose to log in to our SMS portal. You can also send personalized text messages to recipients from our user-friendly portal! And here too it is possible to reach a large group of recipients via SMS at the touch of a button.

You may decide for yourself which name you use as the sender. If you want to send an SMS message to a large group (for example if you want to wish your customer base a Happy New Year) then simply upload a CSV file with all the numbers to which the SMS should be sent.

Why at Message To The Moon?

We quickly and easily link our SMS API with your own website, database or CRM system. This way you can often use our services and send and receive messages on the same day. In addition, we are always ready to help you with the application of SMS marketing and the use of a tailor-made SMS solution.

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