20 February 2020

Reachable worldwide with a UIFN number

20 February 2020

Reachable worldwide with a UIFN number

Worldwide reachable with a UIFN number

If a company is active in several countries, it can be useful to use a standard number for all its customers. A number that can be reached by every customer wherever they are in the world. That’s so easy. A UIFN number is ideal for these companies. This is Universal International Free Phone Number .

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Free for the caller

A UIFN number always starts with 00800 and is therefore very similar to an 0800 number. Just like an 0800 number, an international number is free for the caller. However, the extra 0 at the beginning of the number brings many benefits. This number can be reached from all countries where the number is activated and is therefore very flexible. You can therefore choose these countries yourself and you only pay for the countries where your company is active. Please note: This number cannot be reached in countries where this number is not activated.

Pharmaceutical companies, for example, benefit greatly from this. By using a UIFN number they can put one number on their labels, even if they distribute their products in multiple countries. This number can be reached from any country in which this number is activated.

It is also possible to set up an Online Telephone Exchange (IVR) for your international number. This makes it possible, for example, to provide a welcome text in various languages, so that every caller is welcomed in his own language. The caller can then be forwarded directly to a number of an employee who speaks the correct language. It is also possible to set a queue and create menus.

Global Communication

The advantage of this international number is that you can be reached even in countries where you do not have a branch. As long as the number is activated for the relevant country. The number remains the same wherever you are. So you communicate with the customers with one number and are always available worldwide free of charge.

The costs of a UIFN number are also relatively low. This will only cost you €8 per month per additional country.

Message To The Moon

All the advantages of a UIFN number at a glance:

  • Worldwide reachable with a UIFN number. You no longer need to communicate different numbers to your international customers.
  • You increase your service and your customer contact. 
  • The number is free and accessible for the caller. From wherever the caller is calling, he or she always calls for free.
  • Call forwarding is possible to any country. The caller can be automatically forwarded to a number of the right employee who speaks the language.
  • You do not need a new telephone (line). We will ensure that your number is transferred or that a new international number is requested. You don’t have to do anything else for this yourself!

A UIFN number offers many advantages if you are active in several countries. View our range of UIFN numbers here.