11 May 2020

Intelligent geographic number

11 May 2020

Intelligent geographic number

Your international business with a local twist with an InGeo number

Is your company active in several countries, but do you want to make a local impression on your customers? Then an InGeo number is the perfect solution. An InGeo number stands for an Intelligent Geographic number. This is a local number in a country and region of your choice. The advantage of a geographic number is that the area code comes from a specific geographic area. By means of an intelligent system, incoming calls on this number are automatically forwarded to your fixed line, mobile phone on IP address, anywhere in the world! As a result, you are directly represented locally without having to set up separate branches everywhere. This makes your organization more accessible and you handle your telephone traffic more efficiently.

An IN Geo (Intelligent Network Geographical Number) number is also called an DID or Virtual Number. In any case such a number is a geographical number assigned to a country or city and routed to a siptrunk, (mobile) phone, pabx, voice-system of your choice.

Your customers will recognize your virtual number as a local number. They can call this number at a local or national rate. In this way, your number creates more trust in your brand or company, which can lead to more calls and more orders!

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For whom is an InGeo number interesting?


An InGeo number is interesting for companies that are also active abroad with activities and would like to have a local image here. An InGeo number from the neighboring country can also be interesting for border companies. For example, customers with a foreign number do not pay any international call charges.

How it works:

Imagine for a moment: You are active in Finland with your company and would like potential customers to be able to call a recognizable number. In Finland they call with the prefix + 358. Together with you we look for a number with the prefix +358. A number that best suits you and your company. We make sure that this number is available in Finland. This is done by means of an intake form where you indicate in which countries you all want to be available. You do not need a new telephone or a different telephone line for your new international number. You simply indicate which device your new number should be transferred to and we will do the rest.

Just like with a national service number, you can set up your intelligent service number completely according to your wishes. You have all the benefits of our Interactive Voice Response service. This way you can easily set up zip code routing or a selection menu. This way you can be sure that all callers will be routed directly to the right department!

Message To The Moon

At Message To The Moon you can choose an InGeo number in more than 200 countries! You choose the countries in which you want to activate a number and we take care of the rest. Are you curious in which countries we offer an InGeo number? View our InGeo page for this.

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