20 October 2020

Faxen via internet vs traditioneel faxen

20 October 2020

Faxen via internet vs traditioneel faxen

The new way of faxing

In our previous blog The fax remains popular we already explained why faxing is still done so much and what are some advantages of faxing via the internet as opposed to traditional faxing. In this blog we take a closer look at the differences between Internet faxing and traditional faxing. Would you like more information about Internet faxing? Then go to our product page.


Faxing via the internet is a lot more sustainable than traditional faxing. You no longer need a fax machine to fax via the internet. This not only ensures that you use less power, which is of course better for the environment, but in the long run fewer fax machines will be produced, which in turn means less waste. In addition, the documents with faxes via the internet are no longer printed as standard. This also ensures that less toner and paper is used and that also contributes to the environment.


Faxing via the internet is a lot cheaper than traditional faxing. When faxing via the Internet, you only pay for the service instead of a fax machine. Traditional faxing requires a fax machine. And in addition to the costs of purchasing and maintaining this device, the cost of sending documents is also higher with traditional faxing. Traditional faxing is done via an analog line, while faxing via the internet is done via a VoIP line. And an analog line is more expensive than a VoIP line.


Internet faxing allows you to send a multi-page document faster than traditional faxing. With traditional faxing you have to wait page by page until the whole page is through before you can send a new page. Internet faxing, on the other hand, allows you to send a multi-page document at the touch of a button.


With traditional faxing, the documents are printed automatically. Since these are often documents that need to be kept, it is important that you have space where you can store these documents. In addition, it is also useful to organize the documents in such a way that you can easily find them. This is not always easy with physical documents. Moreover, nowadays many people work from home and not everyone has access to the documents. When faxing via the Internet, you receive the documents digitally. This allows you to easily forward them to your colleagues or store them in a cloud service, such as Cloud in Amsterdam van Message To The Moon, so that all your colleagues have access to the documents.


Faxing over the Internet is incredibly easy. In addition to the speed of sending the document, it also gives everyone the opportunity to send a fax from any device. This is especially useful in a time when many people work from home. In addition, the documents are no longer printed by a fax machine. So now there is no need for anyone to be in the office to retrieve the documents from the fax machine. A physical fax machine as with traditional faxing is therefore no longer necessary.

Message To The Moon

With Message To The Moon’s fax solutions you can send high-quality faxes via e-mail and receive them in the form of a PDF. Our online fax solution has all the possibilities that a traditional fax machine also has, so you no longer need to purchase a fax machine. You will also always receive a receipt if the document has been sent properly. Wondering if faxing via the internet is also something for your company? View our fax solutions.

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